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If you want to build foundational business and finance skills that can help you solve your problems, MoneyLemma is for you.

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What is MoneyLemma?

Writing about the overlap between your money and your world. Every other Sunday, sometimes weird, always free.

Here’s what to expect:

Exploration of business concepts in the non-business world like why bananas are so cheap or how The Wiggles monopolized kid’s music.

Deep dives on what trending business/finance topics mean for the non-business world such as why the e-commerce revolution matters and how venture capitalists are reshaping the economy.

More personal finance oriented posts like a breakdown of who are the 1% and how the average American household spends their income.

General posts that offer an investor’s perspective on modern life: the inimitable Judge Judy, why the TI-83 calculator is still a thing, and whether rideshare driving is worth the time.

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the overlap between your world and the world of money


The overlap between your money and your world